Future of electric vehicles in India

A well-known word of the year 2020- New Normal! Work from home, Online pharmacy, Online shopping, etc are becoming new normal but can the concept of electronic scooter become a new normal in India? This initiative was to protect the environment but due to slowdown in the Indian economy, it has become a necessity rather than an initiative in India. There is a sudden hike in the prices of petrol and diesel, almost every city is becoming a target of pollution in India. 

Earlier the steps taken for this innovation were different, in compliance with the Paris Agreement of 2015, signed by 195 countries, India has to reduce the use of fossil fuels in automobiles. India plans to reduce its carbon emissions per unit of GDP by 33-35 percent, and generate 40 percent of its installed electricity capacity by 2030 from non-fossil fuels, as part of its commitment to the agreement. India has to invest more in implementing carbon-neutral technology such as electric vehicles and renewable energy by 2025 in order to fulfill the terms of the agreement.  

Concept of EV

  • Plug-in hybrid vehicles with two or three wheels are electric bikes and scooters. In a rechargeable battery, which drives one or more electric motors, the electricity is stored on board. Electric scooters have a step-through frame (as distinct from motorcycles).
  • The Energy Department targets 4 trillion more population cities under EV Policy Initiative in the early stage of the Electric Vehicle (EV) implementation plan. In the second stage, it plans to include all national capitals, Union territories, main highways and major cities.
  • In 2020, industry experts and several observers found the inflexion point for electric cars as the launch of the vehicle at the Auto Expo 2020 to be a milestone for the future of the Indigenous market.
  • Auto Expo 2020 held in February this year focused largely on the future fuel for Indian transport, namely the electric vehicles that all industry players have created their best electrical models and concepts for their arsenal, beginning with Maruti Suzuki, and ending with new entrants as well as MG Motor and Great Wall Motors.

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